Birlik Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd Sti. was established in Alapli-Zonguldak TURKIYE  in 1992. As being stated 8000 m² closed and 22.000 m²  opened area.With our full guarantee we offer: -Turnkey erw pipe-profile  production plants, Coil openers and slitting lines,Cut to length lines,Solid State H.F Welding machines,Cold saws-Forming Rolls ,Revamping of existing systems,Training of mill personnel,After-sales service BIRLIK MAKINA, has more than 20 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing,and installing complete systems for the production of welded tube and/or profile lines with more than 120 employees, is the middle east leader with sales and after sales services We always have the latest technology and also we move it forward with our new designs and products and also have the proud of being a model for other manufacturers. Choosing BIRLIK MAKINA means obtaining immediate access, anywhere in the world, to highly trained technical personnel and top level facilities, reliable information, and unparalleled services, all of which are available at a quality/price ratio that is extremely competitive on all world markets. We are also part of the tube manufacturing industry. We have our own tube manufacturing factories in Turkiye and Azerbaycan, so we are offering our long term experiences beside the perfect machines. And we are proud to educate specialist operators in our own factoriesand than to send them to our customers factories to support their productivities.Birlik Makina is probably one of the best seller for the last  years in all around the world. Showing high performance and steadily increase in foreign market we have exported to nearly  30 countries and have manufactured more than hundred fifty lines till today. We guide our customers regarding all details of the tube manufacturing process, like choosing optimum machineries for their markets,projecting their plants,suplying required cranes,projects for oil and water tanks,guiding for required testers,packaging solutions,welding systems,ferrite core applications,production organisation,and other subjects of the industry. welcome to visit the east european and the middle east ‘s leading manufacturer anytime..